Wooden wall decor for livingroom and bedroom

Wooden Wall Decor

Use of solid wood in dark brown color is complemented by the rich walnut finish adding to its durability. Its simple structure allows for ease of placement.
Product Code: CS101
Dimension: 08" Height x 18" Width x 07" Depth

Wooden Wall Shelf

A unique style and chic pattern makes this wooden wall shelf, a great buy. A three shelf set offers ample space to decorate the room with your favorite accessories.
Product Code: CS102
Dimension: 02" height x 23" Width x 06" Depth

Beautiful Wall Shelf

With this trendy wall shelf you can flaunt your decorative items in style. Its unique shape adds an element of fun to the overall decor.
Product Code: CS103
Dimension: 18" Height x 34" Width x 06" Depth

Exquisite Hand Made Wall Shelf

This rectangular shaped wall shelf will highlight your walls and create an illusion of space. Use it to accentuate the interiors of your living room or the bedroom.
Product Code: CS104
Dimension: 11" Height x 36" Width x 06" Depth

Beautifully Hand Made Wooden Shelf

Modern craftsmanship and use of premium quality solid wood makes this shelf a must buy. Its neat look from the walnut finish blends well with a minimal decor. The side extensions look great besides offering extra space.
Product Code: CS105
Dimension: 18" Height x 33" Width x 06" Depth

Beautiful Wall Shelf from Wood

A great buy for those who prefer an unconventional decor. A piano like wall accent will draw all eyes to it. This Wooden Wall shelf combines style and practical purpose.
Product Code: CS106
Dimension: 08" Height x 30" Width x 07" Depth

Exquisite Wooden Wall Shelf

A modern wall shelf to revive your living room walls, this one is stylish and compact. Accessorize your home or workspace with its simple look.
Product Code: CS107
Dimension: 12" Height x 36" Width x 06" Depth

Beautiful Wooden Wall Shelf with Walnut Finish

Your collection of wall accents will get an instant lift with this modern Wall shelf. A chic accessory, its unique shape and pattern will add character to the walls.
Product Code: CS108
Dimension: 15" Height x 15" Width x 07" Depth

Handmade Wooden Wall Shelf

A contemporary wall accent that combines style and purpose, this wall shelf can be placed to highlight the living room walls or to create a lounge like feel with light effects.
Product Code: CS109
Dimension: 16" Height x 07" Width x 16" Depth

Beatiful Wooden Wall Decor Shelf

Classy and Empirical...! This Cesar wall shelf will add a modern feel to the living room walls with its simple look. Revive your contemporary decor with this purposeful accessory.
Product Code: CS110
Dimension: 10" Height x 48" Width x 06" Depth